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300W Portable Ups Portable Energy Storage Portable Power Bank

Date: 2022-01-11

Portable UPS is light and compact and based on lithium cell characterized by environmental protection, small volume, high capacity and light weight as powerful support so as to guarantee important load duration and ample power supply. With light weight, high capacity and high power, the product is particularly designed for outdoor emergency and has specific features including overvoltage, overload and short-circuit protection design and superpower with pure sine wave output.


Product Parameters

Model SKQ 300(500)
Battery Power  346.32wh 300w
AC Output 300w/450w MAX(100~240V50~60HZ)
DC output 12V10Ax1,12V5Ax1 USB-QC3.0x2(5V3A,9V2A,12V1.5A)


DC input 19V/3Ax1
Battery capacity 346.32wh/14.8V/23.4Ah(3.7V,93600mAh)
Total Weight 6.0kg
Overall size 132x150x347mm

300w portable ups portable energy storage portable power bank 5

Application and After-Sales Service

Application field:Mobile lighting for situations such as flood control and emergency command, power lines repair, emergency command vehicle, mobile communication vehicle, outdoor construction, field exploration, emergency rescue for natural disaster scene, emergency storage, medical device and other large-scale construction works, emergency repair for any accident and emergency rescue and relief.
After-Sales Service:The period of warranty is one year from the date of shipment. Shikeqi guarantees to give a replacement
in case of battery with defects proven due to manufacturing process instead of the customer abuse and misuse.

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